Human Capital

Implementing a rigorous approach to successful human resource strategies

  • Recruiting field and executive staff
  • Executive development programs
  • Standardized interview practices
  • Strengths identification
  • Psychological testing
  • Orientation training
  • Certification training
  • Employee performance reviews
  • Bench strengths management
  • Human resource metrics

"Select with science, hold together with leadership and culture." - John Thedford

At Initiative Consulting Group, we provide holistic consulting to entrepreneurs and small business owners. We focus on the areas of Finance, Business Law, Marketing, and Strategy. The strength of our consulting stems not only from our personal expertise but also from our close working relationship as a team. A business is a single unit and every business decision should be informed by all aspects of your business (i.e. all marketing strategies must take into account legal and financial considerations; all contractual business relationships must take into account your marketing and financial plans). A business can only achieve synergy when taking this approach to engaging in business decisions.

At ICG we work closely with you and each member of our team to ensure that the strategies we develop for your business takes into account every aspect of your business. We are passionate about your success and we pride ourselves on our ability to understand that we aren't just working with a business, we are working with business owners who are trying to create, sustain, and develop a dream/goal. ICG assists business owners with everything from organizational creation to organizational dissolution, and everything in between. We are willing, ready, and excited to work with you on taking your business to the next level. From Creation To Success "Everything Starts With Initiative!"